Multiparametric analysis of anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of gold nanoprisms on mouse and human primary and transformed cells, biodistribution and toxicity in vivo

Article English OPEN
Pérez-Hernández, Marta; Moros, María; Stepien, Grazyna; del Pino, Pablo; Menao, Sebastián; de las Heras, Marcelo; Arias, Maykel; Mitchell, Scott G.; Pelaz, Beatriz; Gálvez, Eva M.; de la Fuente, Jesús M.; Pardo, Julián;

Background The special physicochemical properties of gold nanoprisms make them very useful for biomedical applications including biosensing and cancer therapy. However, it is not clear how gold nanoprisms may affect cellular physiology including viability and other crit... View more
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