Theranostic Approach for Metastatic Pigmented Melanoma Using ICF15002, a Multimodal Radiotracer for Both PET Imaging and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy1

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Rbah-Vidal, Latifa; Vidal, Aurélien; Billaud, Emilie M.F.; Besse, Sophie; Ranchon-Cole, Isabelle; Mishellany, Florence; Perrot, Yann; Maigne, Lydia; Moins, Nicole; Guerquin-Kern, Jean-Luc; Degoul, Françoise; Chezal, Jean-Michel; Auzeloux, Philippe; Miot-Noirault, Elisabeth;

PURPOSE: This work reports, in melanoma models, the theranostic potential of ICF15002 as a single fluorinated and iodinated melanin-targeting compound. METHODS: Studies were conducted in the murine syngeneic B16BL6 model and in the A375 and SK-MEL-3 human xenografts. IC... View more
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