The synaptotagmin C2B domain calcium-binding loops modulate the rate of fusion pore expansion

Article English OPEN
Bendahmane, Mounir; Bohannon, Kevin P.; Bradberry, Mazdak M.; Rao, Tejeshwar C.; Schmidtke, Michael W.; Abbineni, Prabhodh S.; Chon, Nara L.; Tran, Sherleen; Lin, Hai; Chapman, Edwin R.; Knight, Jefferson D.; Anantharam, Arun;

In chromaffin cells, the kinetics of fusion pore expansion vary depending on which synaptotagmin isoform (Syt-1 or Syt-7) drives release. Our recent studies have shown that fusion pores of granules harboring Syt-1 expand more rapidly than those harboring Syt-7. Here we ... View more