Brain mechanisms of Change in Addictions Treatment: Models, Methods, and Emerging Findings

Other literature type English OPEN
Chung, Tammy; Noronha, Antonio; Carroll, Kathleen M.; Potenza, Marc N.; Hutchison, Kent; Calhoun, Vince D.; Gabrieli, John D. E.; Morgenstern, Jon; Nixon, Sara Jo; Wexler, Bruce E.; Brewer, Judson; Ray, Lara; Filbey, Francesca; Strauman, Timothy J.; Kober, Hedy; Feldstein Ewing, Sarah W.;

Increased understanding of “how” and “for whom” treatment works at the level of the brain has potential to transform addictions treatment through the development of innovative neuroscience-informed interventions. The 2015 Science of Change meeting bridged the fields of ... View more
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