Rictor/mTORC2 drives progression and therapeutic resistance of HER2-amplified breast cancers

Other literature type English OPEN
Joly, Meghan Morrison; Hicks, Donna J.; Jones, Bayley; Sanchez, Violeta; Estrada, Monica Valeria; Young, Christian; Williams, Michelle; Rexer, Brent N.; Sarbassov, Dos D.; Muller, William J.; Brantley-Sieders, Dana; Cook, Rebecca S.;

HER2 overexpression drives Akt signaling and cell survival and HER2-enriched breast tumors have a poor outcome when Akt is upregulated. Akt is activated by phosphorylation at T308 via PI3K and S473 via mTORC2. The importance of PI3K activated Akt signaling is well docum... View more
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