T Cells Encountering Myeloid Cells Programmed for Amino Acid-dependent Immunosuppression Use Rictor/mTORC2 Protein for Proliferative Checkpoint Decisions*

Other literature type English OPEN
Van de Velde, Lee-Ann; Subramanian, Chitra; Smith, Amber M.; Barron, Luke; Qualls, Joseph E.; Neale, Geoffrey; Alfonso-Pecchio, Adolfo; Jackowski, Suzanne; Rock, Charles O.; Wynn, Thomas A.; Murray, Peter J.;

Modulation of T cell proliferation and function by immunoregulatory myeloid cells are an essential means of preventing self-reactivity and restoring tissue homeostasis. Consumption of amino acids such as arginine and tryptophan by immunoregulatory macrophages is one pat... View more
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