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UCHL1 expression and localization on testicular development and spermatogenesis of Chinese giant salamanders.

Yuanxian Wang; Liqing Wang; Huihui Gao; Yao Gao; Changming Yang; Hong Ji; Wuzi Dong;
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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017 Journal: Oncotarget, volume 8, issue 49, pages 86,043-86,055 (eissn: 1949-2553, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Impact Journals LLC
Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1 (UCHL1), which is extensively expressed in vertebrates, is a deubiquitinating enzymes that inhibits the degradation of proteins by reversing ubiquitination modification. Herein, a 1087-bp sequence encoding UCHL1 was identified from the Chinese giant salamander (CGS; Andrias davidianus). The coding sequences (CDS) of UCHL1 encoded a putative poly peptide of 222 amino acids. The CGS UCHL1 isoforms were more related to their human and mouse counterparts. The phylogenic tree of vertebrate UCHL1 indicated that CGS UCHL1 has the closest relationship with human UCHL1 (up to 73.99 %). Before the gonads of male CGSs matured, the p...
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publication . Article . 2017

UCHL1 expression and localization on testicular development and spermatogenesis of Chinese giant salamanders.

Yuanxian Wang; Liqing Wang; Huihui Gao; Yao Gao; Changming Yang; Hong Ji; Wuzi Dong;