Phylogenetic Considerations in Designing a Broadly Protective Multimeric L2 Vaccine

Other literature type English OPEN
Jagu, Subhashini; Kwak, Kihyuck; Schiller, John T.; Lowy, Douglas R.; Kleanthous, Harold; Kalnin, Kirill; Wang, Chenguang; Wang, Hsu-Kun; Chow, Louise T.; Huh, Warner K.; Jaganathan, Kilvani S.; Chivukula, Sudha V.; Roden, Richard B. S.;

While the oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) types with the greatest medical impact are clustered within the α9 and α7 species, a significant fraction of cervical cancers are caused by α5, α6, and α11 viruses. Benign genital warts are caused principally by the α10 vir... View more
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