Identification and structural basis of the reaction catalyzed by CYP121, an essential cytochrome P450 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Other literature type English OPEN
Belin, Pascal ; Le Du, Marie Hélène ; Fielding, Alistair ; Lequin, Olivier ; Jacquet, Mickaël ; Charbonnier, Jean-Baptiste ; Lecoq, Alain ; Thai, Robert ; Courçon, Marie ; Masson, Cédric ; Dugave, Christophe ; Genet, Roger ; Pernodet, Jean-Luc ; Gondry, Muriel (2009)

The gene encoding the cytochrome P450 CYP121 is essential for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. However, the CYP121 catalytic activity remains unknown. Here, we show that the cyclodipeptide cyclo(l-Tyr-l-Tyr) (cYY) binds to CYP121, and is efficiently converted into a single m... View more
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