A chemical chaperone improves muscle function in mice with a RyR1 mutation

Article English OPEN
Lee, Chang Seok; Hanna, Amy D.; Wang, Hui; Dagnino-Acosta, Adan; Joshi, Aditya D.; Knoblauch, Mark; Xia, Yan; Georgiou, Dimitra K.; Xu, Jianjun; Long, Cheng; Amano, Hisayuki; Reynolds, Corey; Dong, Keke; Martin, John C.; Lagor, William R.; Rodney, George G.; Sahin, Ergun; Sewry, Caroline; Hamilton, Susan L.;

Mutations in the RYR1 gene cause severe myopathies. Mice with an I4895T mutation in the type 1 ryanodine receptor/Ca2+ release channel (RyR1) display muscle weakness and atrophy, but the underlying mechanisms are unclear. Here we show that the I4895T mutation in RyR1 de... View more