Resistance to the Translation Initiation Inhibitor Silvestrol is Mediated by ABCB1/P-Glycoprotein Overexpression in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells

Other literature type English OPEN
Gupta, Sneha V.; Sass, Ellen J.; Davis, Melanie E.; Edwards, Ryan B.; Lozanski, Gerard; Heerema, Nyla A.; Lehman, Amy; Zhang, Xiaoli; Jarjoura, David; Byrd, John C.; Pan, Li; Chan, Kenneth K.; Kinghorn, A. Douglas; Phelps, Mitch A.; Grever, Michael R.; Lucas, David M.;

Protein synthesis is a powerful therapeutic target in leukemias and other cancers, but few pharmacologically viable agents are available that affect this process directly. The plant-derived agent silvestrol specifically inhibits translation initiation by interfering wit... View more
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