publication . Bachelor thesis . 2012

eSport: Den professionella sidan och vägen dit

Lahti, Daniel; Nyström, Per;
Open Access Swedish
  • Published: 01 Jan 2012
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Institutionen för informatik
  • Country: Sweden
Computer games is a growing market with over millions of players that are playing and/or enjoying the play of games on a daily basis. The nerdy gamers that once were, are now becoming professional athletes in the virtual world called eSport. We have identified a lack of studies in this area which implies that there is little data of what it is. In this paper we have focused on the phenomena that is eSport and more closely on the game series Starcraft made by Blizzard Entertainment. Our focus lies in the game series Starcraft and eSport organisations mainly outside South Korea. To our help we have used a qualitative method interview as well as digital media found...
ACM Computing Classification System: ComputingMilieux_PERSONALCOMPUTING
free text keywords: eSport, Informatics, Informatik
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