Visuella Effekter Inom Genrespecifik Musikvideoproduktion

Bachelor thesis Swedish OPEN
Adler, Robert ; Eriksson, Andreas (2010)
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Institutionen för informatik
  • Subject: Musikvideo | Musikvideoproduktion | Visuella effekter | VFX | Information Systems | Systemvetenskap, informationssystem och informatik

Today almost every artist has a music video. With today’s technology it has become a lot easier for smaller companies or amateur filmers to produce and distribute their work. But how important is an artist’s music video and where do people find their music these days? Other questions we wanted to answer were if there is a typical way a music video looks like based on its genre. And is it possible to break these stereotypical ways of producing music videos and thereby create a higher level of enjoyment from the viewer? Our main idea of achieving this was by the use of visual effects in a genre, which in our opinion usually don’t showcase these types of effects. The genre we decided to work with was singer/songwriter, which we think is one genre that doesn’t typically use visual effects. To back up our opinions we studied a lot of music videos from different genres to really see what was typical for each of them. Furthermore we made a survey to find answers for our questions about people’s views on the importance of a well-made music video and where they watch and find them. After we had found some of our answers we produced a music video, one with, and one without visual effects. We then showed these to a number of people and asked them questions about their opinions. Based on our results from studying different music videos and the surveys we came up with a conclusion. And we can say that using visual effects in a genre were they typically aren’t used is possible and it can enhance a viewers enjoyment of the music video. Although we also found out that it should be done with moderation and in good relations with the specific genre.
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