"Kvinnliga gamers finns inte" : En diskursanalys av mediedebatten om ojämställdhet i TV- och datorspelskulturen

Bachelor thesis Swedish OPEN
Brege, Malin ; Hansson, Sofia (2015)
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper
  • Subject: Discourse analysis | Media content | Equality | Gender | Video games | Computer games | Diskursanalys | Medieinnehåll | Jämställdhet | Genus | TV- och datorspel

The aim of this thesis is to determine how the debate about equality in the culture of video and computer games appears in different kind of web based media. And what underlying reasons may affect the outcome of the discourse. The theoretical perspectives used in this study is based on a gender perspective complemented with the concept of hegemony, myths and stereotypes. This examination is based on a critical discourse analysis and Fairclough’s three dimensional model of discourse, the material has been collected with a quantitative content analysis. The result of the study shows that inequality in the culture of video and computer games is a big problem. The result is a study of constant repression against women, threats and harassment. The deduction of this study is that the patriarchy is the fundamental structure that has created the current culture of gaming. And as long as the patriarchy exsists, so will the inequality, not only in society, but in the ever growing culture of video and computer games.
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