Digital academia: How higher education is affected by digital technology

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Eriksmo, Anton ; Sundberg, Johan (2016)
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Institutionen för informatik
  • Subject: Digital technology | Higher education | Affordance

Digital technology in higher education is constantly evolving. Understanding the effects of digital technology is important for higher education institutions in order to make good investments of digital technology. Previous research has focused on learning, teaching or the organization and the relation between one of these aspects and digital technology, thereby missing a broader understanding of how materiality in digital technology affects higher education. In this study themed interviews were conducted at a veterinary education to collect data regarding the use of a multi touch medical display table in the organization. The findings show that materiality of digital technology affects all aspects of higher education if it is facilitated by the organization. The findings also show that the organization is vital to the incorporation of digital technology in teaching as well as learning and that already existing materiality in the HE organization needs to be analyzed to understand the potential effects of new digital technology
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