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Alpine ski sport injuries in Swedish Lapland

Made, Curt;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2009
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Kirurgisk och perioperativ vetenskap
  • Country: Sweden
Downhill skiing is associated with recreation, youth, speed, aerials and crowded courses which carry increased risk of injuries. The aim of this study was to evaluate downhill sport injuries in a Swedish ski resort. Material and methodsIn a case-control study ongoing 1989/90–2006/07, 3,696 injured skiers were registered. After informed consent the injured were assessed by a physician and asked to answer a questionnaire concerning skier, skiing and injury. ResultsAfter three years 481 injured skiers (41% females, mean age 23) were assessed. The injury rate was 1.13/1,000 skier days. Knee injury was most common (28%), followed by head/neck (13%) and lower leg (11%...
Medical Subject Headings: human activities
free text keywords: skiing, wounds and injuries
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