PROLOGUE : Health Information System

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Tomar, Shivanjali (2013)
  • Publisher: Umeå universitet, Institutionen Designhögskolan
  • Subject: interaction design | social design | design for the emerging world | health information design | mHealth | mobile health | Bioscope | interactive storytelling | design for India | health and education | information design

Prologue is a health information system developed for underserved communities in Bihar, India. It is aimed at helping people living in poverty and with low literacy to take the right steps to manage their and their family’s health. Bihar suffers from one of the worst healthcare records in the country. This is as much due to the lack of access to the right information as it is due to the economic condition of the region. The inaccessibility of information is aggravated by the complex social set up in these communities, for e.g. women aren’t allowed to leave their homes and community has the strongest influence on an individual’s decision making. To make sure that right information permeates even to the most inaccessible user groups, especially women and to uplift community’s awareness as a whole, two different communication channels were designed-an interactive radio show and a public installation.
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