Replacing OSE with Real Time capable Linux

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Boman, Simon ; Rutgersson, Olof (2009)
  • Publisher: Linköpings universitet, Institutionen för datavetenskap
  • Subject: OSE | Linux | Datorteknik | Computer Engineering | Real time operating system
    acm: Software_OPERATINGSYSTEMS

For many years OSE has been a common used operating system, with real time extensions enhancements, in embed-ded systems. But in the last decades, Linux has grown and became a competitor to common operating systems and, in recent years, even as an operating system with real time extensions. With this in mind, ÅF was interested in replacing the quite expensive OSE with some distribution of the open source based Linux on a PowerPC MPC8360. Therefore, our purpose with thesis is to implement Linux on the named platform and make some tests to see if it is possible to replace OSE with Linux. Using Linux has several advantages, for example it is free of charge to use and over the years the popularity of Linux within the developer community has resulted in numerous tools and utilities available for free. As a result, this study shows that Linux with real time extensions on the MPC8360 PowerPC platform is a viable alternative to OSE regarding cost efficiency, flexibility, adaptability and competence available on the market. Further studies can be done towards benchmarking for I/O systems and implementing support for more hardware on the MPC8360 AF platform.
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