Svårigheter och misslyckanden med att vara den"neutrala forskaren". En kritisk granskning av en normativ uppsats.

Bachelor thesis Swedish OPEN
Axelsson, Kate (2001)
  • Publisher: Institutionen för tematisk utbildning och forskning
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary studies | Objektivitet | subjektivitet | sociologiska dilemmas | engagemang | objectivity | subjectivity | sociologist dilemmas | dedication. | TVÄRVETENSKAP | Social Sciences Interdisciplinary | Tvärvetenskapliga studier inom samhällsvetenskap

This paper discusses difficulties and Failures with being a Neutral and objective scientist when writing about a subject which he or she is dedicated too.The purpose with this paper is to study the knowledge process, in other words, is some knowledge harder to see due t... View more
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