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Transition metal carbide nanocomposite and amorphous thin films

Olof Tengstrand;
Open Access English
  • Published: 02 Mar 2014
  • Publisher: Linköpings universitet, Tunnfilmsfysik
  • Country: Sweden
This thesis explores thin films of binary and ternary transition metal carbides, in the Nb-C, Ti-Si-C, Nb-Si-C, Zr-Si-C, and Nb-Ge-C systems. The electrical and mechanical properties of these systems are affected by their structure and here both nanocomposite and amorphous thin films are thus investigated. By appropriate choice of transition metal and composition the films can be designed to be multifunctional with a combination of properties, such as low electric resistivity, low contact resistance and high mechanical strength. Electrical contacts are one example of application that has been of special interest in this thesis. Since some industrially important ...
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free text keywords: Natural Sciences, Naturvetenskap, Metallurgy, Transition metal carbides, Amorphous solid, Ternary operation, Carbide, Materials science, Transition metal, Thin film, Nanocomposite
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