Demand Controlled Ventilation in a Combined Ventilation and Radiator System

Conference object English OPEN
Hesaraki, Arefeh ; Holmberg, Sture (2013)
  • Publisher: KTH, Strömnings- och klimatteknik
  • Subject: Controlled ventilation system | Energy performance | IDA ICE 4 | Variable air volume

With growing concerns for efficient and sustainable energy treatment in buildings there is a need for balanced and intelligent ventilation solutions. This paper presents a strategy for demand controlled ventilation with ventilation radiators, a combined heating and ventilation system. The ventilation rate was decreased from normal requirements (per floor area) of 0.375 l·s-1·m-2 to 0.100 l·s-1·m-2 when the residence building was un-occupied. The energy saving potential due to decreased ventilation and fan power was analyzed by IDA Indoor Climate and Energy 4 (ICE) simulation program. The result showed that 16 % of the original energy consumption for space and ventilation heating could be saved by utilizing ventilation on demand. <p>QC 20130612</p>
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