Enterprise Architecture Modeling of Core Administrative Systems at KTH : A Modifiability Analysis

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Rosell, Peter (2012)
  • Publisher: KTH, Industriella informations- och styrsystem
  • Subject: Enterprise Architecture | Enterprise Architecture Analysis | Case Study | Modifiability | Maintainability | EAAT | KTH | Public Sector | Information System | Modeling

This project presents a case study of modifiability analysis on the Information Systems which are central to the core business processes of Royal Institution of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden by creating, updating and using models. The case study was limited to modifiability regarding only specified Information Systems. The method selected was Enterprise Architecture together with Enterprise Architecture Analysis research results and tools from the Industrial Information and Control Systems department of the same University. Jointly used with the ArchiMate modelling language, to create the models and perform the analysis. The results demonstrated to be very varied in regards to system models and modifiability. The Alumni Commu-nity system seemed to have very high modifiability whereas the Ladok på Webben system seemed to have the low modifiability, and other systems ranging differently or in between. The case study results found three slightly more critical systems of all the systems analysed: Ladok på Webben, Nya Antagningen & La-dok Nouveau. The first two showed to have either very low or low modifiability while being highly coupled to the other systems. Therefore any modification to these two systems would most likely cause effects that would require change in interconnected systems. Whereas Ladok Nouveau, while having average modifia-bility, has a critical position to process activities, is nearly isolated from all other systems, making them indi-rectly dependent on the system through the interconnected LADOK database. The study showed that the systems developed at KTH are comparable with systems developed by commercial enterprises in terms of modifiability. The study also provided insight into an Enterprise Architecture where the systems have dif-ferent development origins and how this could affect modifiability and analysis.
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