Green Packaging Development. : A way to efficient, effective and more environmental friendly packaging solutions.

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Mian Muhammad, Masoud (2011)
  • Publisher: KTH, Hållfasthetslära (Inst.)
  • Subject: Packaging | Design | Corrugated Box | Logistics Performance | Compressive Strength | Supply Chain | CO2 emissions

Growing pressure on the packaging design to enhance the environmental and logistics performance of a packaging system stresses the packaging designers to search new design strategies that not only fulfill logistics requirements in the supply chain, but also reduce the CO 2emissions during the packaging life cycle. This thesis focuses on the packaging design process and suggests some improvements by considering its logistics performance and CO 2emissions. A Green packaging development model was proposed for corrugated box design to explore the inter-dependencies that exist among compressive strength, waste and CO2emissions. The verification of the proposed model unveils the significance of a holistic view of the packaging system in the packaging design process and reveals the importance of packaging design decisions on the logistics performance and CO 2 emissions. The thesis finally concluded that the packaging logistics performance should be considered in a packaging design process to explore the Green packaging design solution.
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