Packaging Solutions : Delivering customer value through Logistical Packaging: A Case Study at Stora Enso Packaging

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Shan, Kun ; Julius, Joezer (2015)
  • Publisher: Högskolan i Jönköping, Internationella Handelshögskolan
  • Subject: Packaging; Logistics; Logistical Packaging; Customer Value

AbstractBackground;Despite of the significant role of packaging within logistics and supply chain management, packaging is infrequently studied as focal point in supply chain. Most of the previous logistics research studies tend to explain the integration between packaging and logistics through logistical packaging. In very rare cases, the studies mentioned about customer value. Therefore the major disadvantage of these studies is that, they didn’t consider logistical packaging and customer value delivery as related matters. As a result customers incur significant cost in repairing damages incurred during inbound and outbound logistics operations because of poor packaging.Purpose;To explore how packaging solution manufacturers accounts for packaging requirements and delivers customer value through logistical packaging in order to enhance the efficiency in the customer’s inbound and outbound logistics operations.Method;Through a qualitative research method combined with abductive research approach, a case study at Stora Enso packaging was conducted. Logistical packaging concept and customer value equation model has been introduced in this thesis. Then, data were collected and analyzed in the context of how does Stora Enso derives packaging requirements from customers so that it deliver customer values which ultimately enhance customers’ inbound and outbound logistic operations.Conclusion;The results after the analysis showed that, the packaging solution really affects performance of different activities in a logistics chain. Moreover, it showed how Stora Enso takes into consideration logistics requirements from customers and deliver value to these customers through logistical packaging. By delivering customer values such as light, strong and durable, flexible and cost efficient, having many fields of use, and completely renewable, a Stora Enso packaging solution enhance customer’s inbound and outbound logistics operations by ensuring efficient transportation, maximum product protection, smooth handling, optimal warehouse space usage and less waste to the environment during disposal. In this way, Stora Enso delivers value to its customers by manufacturing a packaging solution that is tailored to their logistics chain requirements.
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