”Ett genusperspektiv på historien förändrar den” : En historiografisk undersökning om drottning Kristina

Bachelor thesis Swedish OPEN
FitzSimons, Amanda (2016)
  • Publisher: Högskolan i Jönköping
  • Subject: genus | genusperspektiv | historia | drottning Kristina

Queen Kristina of Sweden has throughout history often been portrayed as homosexual, promiscuous and hermaphroditic. This thesis is a historiographical study of the research made in the area during the 21st century, and analyzes five authors on the basis of Gender Theory. The concepts of gender, sexuality and political rule are central in the study. The results show that the authors who coincide with this theory advocate Kristina’s abnormality and all have strong connections in separating female and male and encourage a hierarchy between the sexes, whereas the authors who question this theory dissociate themselves from a heteronormative view of society. The final results show that it is erroneous that male authors comply with the gender theories while female authors question and dissuade them. 
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