Solubility of Hydrogen and Nitrogen in liquid cast iron during melting and mold filling

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Diószegi, Attila; Elfsberg, Jessica; Diószegi, Zoltán;
  • Publisher: The World Foundry Organization (WFO)
  • Subject: Compacted graphite cast iron | Gas porosity | Hydrogen | Lamellar cast iron | Nitrogen | Shrinkage porosity | Filling | Foundries | Graphite | Iron | Iron compounds | Liquids | Melting | Molds | Porosity | Shrinkage | Solubility | Charge materials | Defect formation | Experimental assemblies | Liquid cast iron | Measuring device | Cast iron | Metallurgy and Metallic Materials | Metallurgi och metalliska material

Defect formation like gas- and shrinkage porosity at cast iron component production is related to the content of gaseous elements in the liquid metal. The present work investigate the solubility of hydrogen and nitrogen in liquid iron aimed for production of lamellar an... View more
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