Decision Making of Thai Entrepreneur to Internationalize Thai Orchid to Swedish Market

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Sumanonta, Thitipong ; Kulasabjira, Sompoch (2010)
  • Publisher: Mälardalens högskola, Akademin för hållbar samhälls- och teknikutveckling
  • Subject: Market Knowledge | Entrepreneur Characteristics | Entrepreneurial Process | Decision making | Thai Orchid | and Export

Background     International trade could be seen as the phenomenon beating the resources imbalance among countries in the global market. Therefore, our seeking the competitive advantage of Thailand is to the orchid which is viewed industrial drop of country to increase expansion of export and generate income for Thailand. Moreover, Thailand is one of the leaders which have exported the orchids to foreign countries. For this reason, we would like to study factors which affect to make a decision of Thai entrepreneurs to export the orchid to Swedish market. Problems         How market knowledge and entrepreneur characteristics influence on Thai entrepreneurs in order to make a decision on internationalization by exporting Thai orchid to Swedish market? Purposes          The main purpose of this research is to explore how external and internal factors as market knowledge and entrepreneur characteristics influence on the decision making of Thai entrepreneurs to internationalize by exporting Thai orchid to Swedish market. Methodology This master’s thesis is based on a qualitative approach which is used by semi-structured interview to conduct Thai entrepreneur’s perspectives on export the orchid to Swedish market while the secondary data is collected from website, article, and journal to utilize material for this thesis. Conclusions      We found that the market knowledge as external factors influence to the entrepreneur decision making as the encouragement in term of sufficient knowledge while the lack of market knowledge also lead to the discouragement of internationalization decision making. Moreover, several entrepreneur characteristics could encourage and help entrepreneur in order to make the decision to internationalize while some characteristics are not influence to the decision making of entrepreneur.
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