Auxiliary office chair

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Pascual Osés, Maite (2007)
  • Publisher: Institutionen för innovation, design och produktutveckling
  • Subject: Product design

The aim of this project is to develop an auxiliary office chair, which favorably will compete with the existing chairs on the market. Evolutions of ergonomical survey in the work environment and on the configuration of offices require new products which fulfill the requirements properly. In order to achieve it a survey about office chairs has been carried out: types, characteristics, ways of usage and products on the market besides a large antropometrical study and ergonomics related to work area study. The result is an auxillary office chair which improves significatively in ergonomics compared with such chairs found in the market survey. Moreover it is achieved a great improvement refering to apilability stackable characteristics and manufacturing, as this chair has good features as easily cleanning and innovative aesthetics and no high manufacturing cost. That means an easily marketed product.
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