Knowledge Economy

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Kerr, Aphra ; O Riain, Sean (2009)
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Subject: Sociology | NIRSA-National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis

We examine a number of key questions regarding this knowledge economy. First, we look at the origin of the concept as well as early attempts to define and map the knowledge economy empirically. Second, we examine a variety of perspectives on the socio-spatial organisation of the knowledge economy and approaches which link techno-economic change and social-spatial organisation. Building on a critique of these perspectives, we then go on to develop a view of a knowledge economy that is contested along each stage of the process of the production, use, ownership and transformation of knowledge. We show that these struggles occur both globally and locally and are crucial forces shaping contemporary socio-spatial organisation. Finally, we briefly discuss the emergent patterns of socio-spatial inequality associated with this politically constructed knowledge economy.
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