Changes in motivational and higher level cognitive processes when interacting with in-vehicle automation

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Beggiato, Matthias;
  • Subject: Psychologie; Verkehrspsychologie; Fahrer; Assistenzsystem; Verhaltensanpassung; Kognition; Vertrauen; Akzeptanz; Lernkurve; Fahrsimulator; Datenbank | Psychologie, Verkehrspsychologie, Mensch Maschine Interaktion, Mensch-Technik Interaktion, Fahrerassistenz, Automatisierung, Verhaltensanpassung, Situationsbewusstsein, Kognitive Prozesse, Mentales Modell, Vertrauen, Akzeptanz, Lernkurve, Vorinformation, Abstandsregeltempomat, Fahrsimulator, Feldstudie, Messwiederholungsdesign, Datenbank | Psychology, human factors, transportation, driver assistance, ADAS, automation, behavioural adaptation, situation awareness, cognitive processes, mental model, trust, acceptance, power law of learning, initial information, adaptive cruise control, ACC, driving simulator, on-road study, longitudinal design, database
    • ddc: ddc:150 | ddc:153 | ddc:158

Many functions that at one time could only be performed by humans can nowadays be carried out by machines. Automation impacts many areas of life including work, home, communication and mobility. In the driving context, in-vehicle automation is considered to provide solu... View more
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