Autonomous Construction by a Mobile Robot in Unknown Environments with Scarce Resources

Conference object English OPEN
Magnenat, Stéphane; Schoeneich, Patrick; Rochat, Frédéric; Rétornaz, Philippe; Bonani, Michael; Longchamp, Valentin; Voelkle, Martin; Barras, Thierry; Burnier, Daniel; Noirat, Pierre; Baaboura, Tarek; Vaussard, Florian; Mondada, Francesco;
  • Subject: [MOBOTS] | autonomous construction | mobile robot | unknown environments | scarce resources | marxbot | aseba | cognition | morphological operation | image processing | vision | manipulation | HTN planning | action | state machines

Autonomous construction by mobile robots would be useful in various situations, such as in outer space, in hazardous environments, but also for the building industry. Current works tackle simplified scenarios where environment is flat and resources readily available; mo... View more
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