Demand-Side Flexibility for Energy Transitions: Policy Recommendations for Developing Demand Response

Report English OPEN
Nursimulu, Anjali ; Florin, Marie-Valentine ; Vuille, François (2016)
  • Publisher: International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) (Lausanne)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5075/epfl-irgc-228194
  • Subject: IRGC | demand-side flexibility | energy transitions

As a follow-up to IRGC's report on demand-side flexibility for energy transitions, this Policy Brief highlights that increasing flexibility in power systems is needed to accommodate higher shares of non-controllable and intermittent renewable generation, and that this requires changes to the market design and regulatory framework, to facilitate the development and deployment of appropriate technologies and market-based instruments (e.g. taxes and subsidies). The Policy Brief focuses on demand response (DR), since it is emerging as a powerful demand-side energy management option to deliver flexibility. Specifically, DR can contribute to reducing overall electricity consumption or shifting demand in such a way that consumption better follows generation, particularly intermittent wind and solar.
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