Numerical simulation of projectile impact on mild steel armour plates using LS-DYNA, Part II: Parametric studies

Article OPEN
Raguraman, M ; Deb, A ; Gupta, NK ; Kharat, DK (2008)
  • Publisher: DEFENCE Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC)
  • Subject: Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing
    arxiv: Physics::Instrumentation and Detectors

In Part I of the current two-part series, a comprehensive simulation-based study of impact of Jacketed projectiles on mild steel armour plates has been presented. Using the modelling procedures developed in Part I, a number of parametric studies have been carried out for the same mild steel plates considered in Part I and reported here in Part II. The current investigation includes determination of ballistic limits of a given target plate for different projectile diameters and impact velocities, and effects of plate thickness and projectile parameters such as mass, diameter and nose shape on residual velocity. In all cases studied, trends consistent with earlier experimentally-observed behaviours for similar impact problems have been found, thereby establishing the potential of the present simulation technique using LS-DYNA as a powerful tool for the design of steel armour plates.
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