publication . Conference object . 1989

A surface modeling paradigm for electromagnetic applications in aerospace structures

Jha, RM; Bokhari, SA; Sudhakar, V; Mahapatra, PR;
  • Published: 01 Jan 1989
  • Publisher: IEEE
  • Country: India
A systematic approach has been developed to model the surfaces encountered in aerospace engineering for electromagnetic applications. The basis of this modeling is the quadric canonical shapes which are the coordinate surfaces of the Eisenhart coordinate systems. The building blocks are visualized as sections of quadric cylinders and surfaces of revolution. The surface modeling paradigm facilitates the treatment of hybrid nondevelopable QUASORs (quadric surfaces of revolution) such as a satellite launch vehicle modeled as a GPOR (general paraboloid of revolution)-cylinder combination. Some examples of hybrid QUASORs are presented. >
free text keywords: Aerospace Engineering (Formerly, Aeronautical Engineering), Surface of revolution, Quadric, Aerospace engineering, business.industry, business, Aerospace, Launch vehicle, Electromagnetic wave scattering, Engineering, Aerospace simulation, Paraboloid, Coordinate system, Mechanical engineering

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