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Vascular and Nutrigenomic effects of a long-term grapefruit juice consumption: a controlled randomized cross-over study in post-menopausal women

Habauzit, Veronique; Milenkovic, Dragan; Verny, Marie-Anne; Boby, Céline; Mazur, André,; Dubray, Claude; Morand, Christine;
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  • Published: 28 Nov 2013
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
National audience; The consumption of some flavonoid rich foods has been shown to induce improvements in several intermediate markers of cardiovascular risk. Citrus fruits constitute a food source rich in a particular class of flavonoids, that of flavanones. Based on recent epidemiological data as well as on a large number of pre-clinical studies, citrus flavanones may exhibit interesting cardioprotective properties. However clinical evidences accounting for a benefit in consuming dietary flavanones to improve some cardiovascular endpoints are still very scarce. The present clinical study aimed at 1) characterizing the specific role of naringin in the effect of ...
Medical Subject Headings: food and beverages
free text keywords: [SDV]Life Sciences [q-bio], jus de pamplemousse, femme menopausée, flavonoïde, risque cardiovasculaire

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A. Szuba1, A. Gomulkiewicz1, D. Janczak1, I. Grzegorek1, K. Jablonska1, K. Drozdz1, M. Chmielewska1, A. Piotrowska1, R. Paslawski1, U. Paslawska1, A. Janiszewski1, P. Dziegiel1, N. Gérard2,3, S. Thien2,3, A-M. Verny2,3, A. Mazur2,3 A. Pinel1.2.3, C. Malpuech-Brugère1.2.3, B. Morio1.2.3 et F. Capel1.2.3

(1) INRA, Unité de Nutrition Humaine (UNH, UMR 1019), CRNH Auvergne, F-63000 CLERMONTFERRAND, France (2) Clermont Université, Université d'Auvergne, F-63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND, France (3) Equipe, contrôle de l'Homéostasie Lipido Energtique et Obésité

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