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Publication . Preprint . 2019

A new 3D positioner for the analytical mapping of non-flat objects under accelerator beams

Calligaro, Thomas; Arean, Luis; Pacheco, Claire; Lemasson, Quentin; Pichon, Laurent; Moignard, Brice; Boust, Clotilde; +8 Authors
Published: 01 Jan 2019
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Country: France

We report the development of a 3D positioner for the elemental mapping of non-flat surfaces of heritage targets and its implementation in the external beam of the AGLAE accelerator, a joint research activity of the IPERION-CH European program.The positioner operates in two steps: 1) object surface is digitized using a 3D scanner implemented in the beamline. Surface points are interpolated onto a rectangular grid suitable for beam scanning. 2) Object is scanned under the beam using X/Y/Z stages holding a hexapod robot for rotations. During scanning, target surface is positioned with the Z stage and oriented perpendicular to the beam using hexapod rotations. Areas up to 100 × 100 mm2 with a resolution of 50 µm and 30° curvature of can be mapped on objects of 200 mm and 5 kg max. System operation was tested by recording PIXE maps on the polychrome decoration of a curved porcelain pot.


Neutron imaging, Synchrotron imaging, Ion beam imaging, Hexapod, 3D target, 3D positioner, [SPI.MAT]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials, [CHIM.MATE]Chemical Sciences/Material chemistry, [CHIM]Chemical Sciences, [SPI.AUTO]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Automatic, [SHS.ARCHEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Archaeology and Prehistory, [SHS.MUSEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Cultural heritage and museology, [SHS.ART]Humanities and Social Sciences/Art and art history

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Funded by
Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 654028
  • Funding stream: H2020 | RIA
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