Qu'est-ce que l'imaginaire du Nord?: Principes éthiques

Book Faroese OPEN
Chartier, Daniel;
  • Publisher: Imaginaire Nord
  • Subject: [SHS.ENVIR]Humanities and Social Sciences/Environmental studies | Decolonial theory | [SHS.GENRE]Humanities and Social Sciences/Gender studies | [SHS.MUSEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Cultural heritage and museology | Far North | North | Arctic | Winter | Aboriginal | [SHS.SOCIO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology | Nunavik | [SHS.GEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Geography | Greenland | Literature | Scandinavia | Russia | Images of the North | Alaska | [SHS.LITT]Humanities and Social Sciences/Literature | Inuit | Colonialism | Cultural representations | Discursive analysis | [SHS.ANTHRO-SE]Humanities and Social Sciences/Social Anthropology and ethnology | Nordicity | Research ethics | [SHS.SCIPO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Political science | Canada | Québec | Culture | [SHS.HISPHILSO]Humanities and Social Sciences/History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences | [SHS.HIST]Humanities and Social Sciences/History | Siberia

International audience; Translation in Feroese. The North has been imagined and represented for centuries by artists and writers of the Western world, which has led, over time and the accumulation of successive layers of discourse, to the creation of an “imagined North”... View more
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