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Energy-harvesting powered variable storage topology for battery-free wireless sensors

F. El Mahboubi; M. Bafleur; V. Boitier; J-M. Dilhac;
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  • Published: 01 Nov 2018
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
International audience; The energy autonomy of wireless sensors is one of the main roadblocks to their wide deployment. The purpose of this study is to propose simple adaptive storage architecture, which combined with energy harvesting, could replace a battery. The main concept is based on using several ultracapacitors (at least two) that are reconfigured in a series or in parallel according to its state of charge/discharge, either to speed up the startup of the powered system or to provide energy autonomy. The proposed structure is based on two ultra-capacitors, one of small capacitance value and one of big value. Powered by an energy-harvesting source, the dev...
ACM Computing Classification System: Hardware_GENERAL
free text keywords: Energy harvesting, autonomy, variable energy storage, ultra-capacitors, wireless sensor, [SPI.NRJ]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electric power, [SPI.TRON]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics, [ SPI.NRJ ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electric power, [ SPI.TRON ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics, Technology, T, Capacitor, law.invention, law, Voltage, Wireless, business.industry, business, Electrical engineering, Energy storage, Battery (electricity), Wireless sensor network, Capacitance, Computer science

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