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La défense des forêts contre les insectes. Approches actuelles et perspectives

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  • Published: 01 Jan 1987
Considering the insect infestations that occurred in some French forests for a decade, one may wonder about the efficiency of the present pest control methods and the prospects offered by current research works. Concerning protection, a few changes in forest management methods could bring about results more rapidly than breeding of resistant varieties. Indeed, apart from noteworthy exceptions, breeding studies have to be carried out further before any possible generalization of results. The curative methods applied so far have been more or less successful. The use of selected insecticides appeared to be very efficient against some phyllophagous insects at short ...
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161 references, page 1 of 11
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publication . Article . 1987

La défense des forêts contre les insectes. Approches actuelles et perspectives