publication . Conference object . 2014

Memory of AMR coded speech distorted by packet loss

Nykänen, Arne; Lindegren, David; Wruck, Louisa; Ljung, Robert; Odelius, Johan; Möller, Sebastian;
Restricted Swedish
  • Published: 07 Sep 2014
  • Country: Sweden
Previous studies have shown that free recall of spoken word lists is impaired if the speech is presented in background noise, even if the signal-to-noise ratio is kept at a level allowing full word identification. The objective of this study was to examine recall rates for word lists presented in noise and word lists coded by an AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) telephone codec distorted by packet loss. Twenty subjects performed a word recall test. Word lists consisting of ten words were played to the subjects. The subjects repeated each word immediately after it had been played, to ensure that the words were heard correctly. After the complete list had been played the ...
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