Idrott som integration

Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine English OPEN
Karlefors, Inger ; Hertting, Krister (2010)
  • Publisher: University of Primorska, Scence and Research Centre of Koper

Competitive sport is a global phenomenon with a common language, but at the same time locally embedded in the national culture. The global character gives competitive sport an attraction, which can create an important arena for integration when people arrive to a new country. Problems can rise when diverse expectations and images meet. To create understanding and facilitate integration for children and youth from different countries it is important to understand which images of sport that is present. The competitive sport is high valued in Sweden and sport for children is central in the Swedish youth politics. Swedish sport relies on voluntary commitment. Approximately 650 000 people (of 9 million inhabitants) are voluntary engaged as leaders in sport in Sweden and 70% of children between 7 and 14 years compete in sports clubs. The purpose of this study is to give an understanding of the images that newly arrived children and youth to Sweden have on sport and sports activities. We will conduct the study by letting the children make drawings and talk to them about what their thoughts were when they created the drawings. This will be analysed through a phenomenological perspective. We will discuss the results in correspondence with which implications they can have on the efforts of integration of other cultures in Sweden.
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