Assessment of trace element stabilization in soil

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Kumpiene, Jurate (2005)
  • Publisher: Luleå tekniska universitet

The thesis deals with the remediation of trace element contaminated soil by the chemical stabilization technique. The objective is to complement the knowledge about possibilities of applying the stabilization either (1) as an alternate soil remediation method to excavation and landfilling or (2) for a pre-treatment of contaminated soil before landfilling. The work is based on two case studies of the stabilization of 1) Cr, Cu, As, and Zn contaminated soil using metallic iron and 2) Pb and Cu contaminated soil amended with coal fly ash and natural organic matter. The questions in focus were: How efficient the stabilization is in a multi-element contaminated soil? How to assess the soil stabilization efficiency? Is the technique sufficiently developed to be used in large scale applications? A literature review, laboratory and pilot scale field experiments were performed to answer the raised questions. A relevance of various methods for the stability evaluations, as well as environmental, regulatory and economic aspects managing the treated soil are discussed.
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