Geometry and dynamics of infinitely generated Kleinian groups: Geometric Schottky groups

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Zielicz, Anna;
  • Subject: hyperbolic geometry, geometic Schottky group, Fuchsian group, Kleinian group, Schottky group, limit set, geodesic flow, entropy , Bowen-Dinaburg entropy, Poincar'e exponent, exponent of convergence, convex core entropy, Liouville-Patterson measure, Patterson measure, Sullivan, shadow lemma, ergodic, P-class, reverse triangle inequality
    • ddc: ddc:510

We introduce and study the class of geometric Schottky groups which includes many infinitely generated groups. We define a natural coding of the limit set and characterise in terms of this coding important subsets of the limit set. Further, we study a certain notion of ... View more
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