Hydrocarbon-degrading sulfate-reducing bacteria in marine hydrocarbon seep sediments

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Kleindienst, Sara;
  • Subject: Hydrocarbon degradation, sulfate-reducing bacteria, marine hydrocarbon seeps, marine sediments, SEEP-SRB, SCA-SRB1, SCA-SRB2, LCA-SRB1, LCA-SRB2, AOM, stable-isotope probing, CARD-FISH, NanoSIMS, Gulf of Mexico, Amon Mud Volcano, Guaymas Basin
    • ddc: ddc:570

Microorganisms are key players in our biosphere because of their ability to degrade various organic compounds including a wide range of hydrocarbons. At marine hydrocarbon seeps, more than 90% of sulfate reduction (SR) is potentially coupled to non-methane hydrocarbon o... View more
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