Forming Behaviour in Laser Shock Drawing

Conference object English OPEN
Schulze Niehoff, H. ; Vollertsen, F. ; Wielage, H. (2008)
  • Subject: info:eu-repo/classification/ddc/620 | info:eu-repo/classification/ddc/670 | deep drawing | laser forming | micro forming

Through the continuing trend of miniaturization new cost efficient and fast methods for processing small parts are required. In this paper a new non-mechanical process for the forming process of micro deep drawing is presented. This new deep drawing process utilizes a laser initiated plasma shock wave at the target, which forms the sheet. Several pulses can be applied at one point and therefore high forming degrees can be reached without increasing the energy density. In this paper the pressure of the shock wave is measured in order to enable optimizations of the process in future. Furthermore a distribution of the thickness over the deep drawn cups will be introduced. Finally laser deep drawing of samples made out of Al99.5, Cu and stainless steel sheet metal with thicknesses of 20 µm and 50 µm are shown.
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