Clipping de notícias da Escola SENAI Antônio Adolpho Lobbe : proposta para uma biblioteca digital

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Leonardo, Karin-Souza ; Zafalon, Zaira-Regina (2013)
  • Publisher: UFSCar
  • Subject: AA. Library and information science as a field.

The technological and scientific scene today shows that there is a lot of information being produced and made available in both the physical environment, as in digital. To be able to offer products and services that involve news published in various media, with pre-established in subjects that meet the informational demands of an organization's interests, it is the use of clipping. The library of SENAI performs this service daily and strives to meet the informational needs of their employees through topics related to industrial area as a whole. However, when analyzing the service from the point of view of the area of ​​dissemination and retrieval of information, there seems to be flaws in the process. In a preliminary approach together with the object of this research was understood that the scope of the public served by clipping is restricted (not served students of the institution) and there is the risk of stories collected are lost, after all no safe actions storage and retrieval of files. Given this, are proposed in this work to study methodologies for the implementation of a digital library of news clippings, with access available via web Therefore, we analyzed the way the clipping is done today; was identified flaws in the process; identified a possible profiles of interest by potential users; was demonstrated suitability as Greenstone software for managing clipped news; we studied patterns of representation of content that are compatible with the software. Resorting to the qualitative approach, with the help of literature review and process mapping as a method, it was possible to achieve the proposed objective. After obtaining this information, and as a partial result of the survey, it was noticed that the students of that institution could also become the target audience clipping; which information sources chosen for collecting reports could cover a large number of online news portals; that subjects could be expanded so as to be inserted thematic profiles of the courses offered; the Greenstone software was adequate for managing the clipping by considering aspects of free software and web-based access to the records available; the standard framework of descriptive metadata Dublin Core produces satisfactory results for access to documents. As a final result of the research is intended to provide suggestions for improvement in the clipping of the news of that institution's library process, ensuring that all users are met and enabling the information they store guarantee, representation, retrieval and access.
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