Reference Sources in Chemistry

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Sthapit, Dilip Man (1995)
  • Subject: IJ. Reference work. | IZ. None of these, but in this section.

Information plays an important role in the development of every field. Therefore a brief knowledge regarding information sources is necessary to function in any field. There are many information sources about scientific and technical subjects. In this context there are many reference sources in Chemistry too. Chemistry is one important part of the science which deals with the study of the composition of substances and the chemical changes that they undergo. The purpose of this report is to present at least 25 reference sources in Chemistry with brief information about each source. Reference sources in chemistry are best organised than other subject's literature. This report's first two chapters deal with the background, definition, need and utility, categories, criteria of evaluation of reference sources. Chapter three list 27 reference sources, with brief evaluation of each reference source.
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