The real time rolling shutter

Conference object English OPEN
Monaghan, David ; O'Connor, Noel E. ; Cleary, Anne ; Connolly, Denis (2015)

From an early age children are often told either, you are creative you should do art but stay away from science and maths. Or that you are mathematical you should do science but you're not that creative. Compounding this there also exist some traditional barriers of artistic rhetoric that say, "don't touch, don't think and don't be creative, we've already done that for you, you can just look...". The Real Time Rolling Shutter is part of a collaborative Art/Science partnership whose core tenets are in complete contrast to this. The Art/Science exhibitions we have created have invited the public to become part of the exhibition by utilising augmented digital mirrors, Kinects, feed-back camera and projector systems and augmented reality perception helmets. The fundamental underlying principles we are trying to adhere to are to foster curiosity, intrigue, wonderment and amazement and we endeavour to draw the audience into the interactive nature of our exhibits and exclaim to everyone that you can be what ever you chose to be, and that everyone can be creative, everyone can be an artist, everyone can be a scientist... all it takes is an inquisitive mind, so come and explore the real-time rolling shutter and be creative.
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