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Environmental influences on organotin-yeast interactions

White, Jane S.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2002
  • Publisher: Dublin City University. School of Biotechnology
  • Country: Ireland
As a consequence of the widespread industrial and agricultural applications of organotin compounds, contamination of various ecosystems has occurred in recent decades. Understanding how these compounds interact with cellular membranes is essential in assessing the risks of organotin pollution. The organotins, tributyltin (TBT) and trimethyltin (TMT) and inorganic tin, Sn(IV), were investigated for their physical interactions with non-metabolising cells and protoplasts of the yeast, Candida maltosa, an organism that is often associated with contaminated environments. Sn(IV) and TBT uptake occurred by different mechanisms. TBT uptake resulted in cell death and ext...
free text keywords: Biotechnology, Tributyltin; Trimethyltin; Pollutants; Organotin compounds; Cell membranes
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