Augmented video viewing: transforming video consumption into an active experience

Conference object English OPEN
WIJNANTS, Maarten ; Leën, Jeroen ; QUAX, Peter ; LAMOTTE, Wim (2014)

Traditional video productions fail to cater to the interactivity standards that the current generation of digitally native customers have become accustomed to. This paper therefore advertises the \activation" of the video consumption process. In particular, it proposes to enhance HTML5 video playback with interactive features in order to transform video viewing into a dynamic pastime. The objective is to enable the authoring of more captivating and rewarding video experiences for end-users. The proposed paradigm extends video consumption, much like Augmented Reality (AR) does with the physical world. Given this conceptual analogy, we have adopted the term Augmented Video Viewing (AVV) to denominate our approach. The current AVV implementation embraces two independent yet cooperative video augmentation concepts: enriching video playback with interactive overlay elements, and erecting real-time interaction bridges between video and digital games. A total of four AVV test cases are presented to provide a hint of how our vision can be realized and of the attainable creative results. augmented video viewing; interactive video; augmented video; gaming; hypervideo; web technology; web standards
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